Braun Food Processor

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You can read all the reviews you want, but one thing is for sure: the Braun Food Processor performs well beyond its ratings, and people have universally accepted that truth for years now. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of this products to replace another food processor in your home kitchen, then you are definitely on a great track towards being very satisfied.

Armed with the necessary cutlery discs and blades to help make your food preparation happen with ease, the heavy duty food processors that Braun puts out year after year chop through the competition just as easily as they work their way through your vegetables as you’re cooking. They offer models that suit the needs of all types of cooks, as evidenced by their products that operate with 400 watts, all the way up to 700 watts.

As a simple primer to prepare you for the rest of our reviews and information that we will present to you on our website, we would like to make a special mention of our favorite model from Braun, as well as give some detailed specs about the product. This model comes straight out of this CombiMax Food Processor line.

#1 Product: Braun CombiMax Food Processor 600 Watts

This machine is top-of-the line in quality with an affordable price tag. How can you resist the Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor and the small price of $140 (that’s a maximum price tag you might find in stores; you may find a better deal through Amazon, or other online retailers)?

One reviewer named the multi-processor “the best purchase I have ever made for the kitchen” (rskane2, Don’t miss out on making your life easier like so many others have already done, and jump on this deal today!

Buy the Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor on Amazon


Bowl Capacity (limit): 8.45 Cups

Power (max): 600 Watts

Dishwasher Safe?: Yes. No reported issues.

Other information: Be in complete control of the preparation of your food at all times with the efficient choppers this powerful machine has to offer. The 600 Watt motor teams up with the K650‘s easy to use electronics & controls, abundant accessories, and variable slicing speed settings to provide the most user-friendly machine on the market to date. You’ll never see your food drip all over the counter again with the Braun Food Processor’s sealed bowls feature, preventing leakage and simply making it look easy.

Our Rating: 5 gold stars5 gold stars5 gold stars5 gold stars5 gold stars


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