Braun CombiMax Food Processor 600 Watts

This trusty companion developed by the people at Braun can do it all. Read on to find out more about this product.

The Braun Combimax K600 Food Processor machine is a product that absolutely thrives in anybody’s kitchen, and can basically be looked at as your “right hand man” if you’re the one doing all of the cooking in your house. This electronic machine is perfect if you are looking for some help with the most tedious and demanding tasks of cooking, like cutting, crushing, blending, grinding, and juicing.

Are you a person who does not enjoy cooking as much as others do, and see it as a necessary chore you must complete each day?  We have news for you – cooking can actually become an enjoyable part of your day. The question for you is: is the price of the K650 worth it to you?

Generally speaking, all food processors you buy will provide a cook some level of added convenience in the kitchen. Each of them come with special kinds of functions that may vary from product to product. So, what could possibly make the Braun CombiMax Food Processor 600 Watts model set itself apart from all the other products that you could be shopping for on the market?


If there’s anything you should love about the Braun Combimax K600 Food Processor, it should have something to do with the sheer number of functions the model offers. And, judging by the reviews you can find and hear about from all over the world, people found the following functions of this braun food processor the most appealing: the blender option, the juicer option, the liquefying option, and the hand mixing function. As if you haven’t already noticed, most of your work with this item will take place in the model’s bowl.

We believe that for a product in this market to be successful, it has to pack a healthy number of functions. And, needless to say, we feel that this kitchen appliance made by Braun has done just that.


The Braun brand has become entrusted with the title of being dependable when it comes to the life of each of their products. They take great care in the manufacturing of all of their products, and their food processors are no exception. Whether it’s their compact, max or mini designs, or the various materials used in their product line, like the glass, the stainless steel blades, the brushed aluminum finish, or the chrome paint, you should feel safe in knowing you won’t be skimped on the quality of work put into the product. And that holds true for even their 400 Watt models, 700 Watt models, and of course, this product.


We found the Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor to be one of the easier products to clean. Brands like Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, and the one discussed here, are starting to develop a reputation of manufacturing designs that are far easier to clean than their competitor’s. This assertion rings true in their customers reviews.


The Braun CombiMax Food Processor 600 Watts features a safety lock feature that acts as a safety measure to prevent leakage and spills. This is an exceptional feature if you like to keep your kitchen area clean, and you don’t want a huge mess to clean up after you’re done cooking. Do you have to make a gourmet meal for a large party of guests? No worries – the safety lock will have you covered, and will keep the mess in your kitchen at a manageable level.

Rounding out this review, one of the last things we should comment about is the transparent lid that is also featured on this product. This is a brilliant feature, and sadly, some other brands forget to include it on some of their processor models. Also, if you’re looking for energy efficient models, look no further than the great deals you can find on the Braun Combimax K600 Food Processor. And, truly, there is so much more that could be said about this product, but you really just have to start putting those recipes to good use with this beauty to discover it’s quality in person.

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