Braun MultiPractic Food Processor

All food processors offer very similar features, but they often differ in wattage. Then again, some offer exceptionally higher performance, like the one you will read about as you read on.

Most everyone who is shopping for the best food processor, like a Braun Multipractic Food Processor, are looking for a model that offers high speed in the preparation of food, combined with a low, or at least manageable, noise level.

In fact, if you were to just take a quick look around the web at customer reviews on some of the most of the popular brands and models of food processors, you will see that these two factors are some of the most discussed features when it comes to this market of products.


However, one of the questions we get asked the most is what the importance of the wattage is when it comes to buying a new Braun food processor. There really isn’t a one-wattage-fits-all out there, but the best information we can give you is that a 600 watt model, like the 600 CombiMax 8.46 Cups Food Processor, is the most universally adaptable type you can find.

Wattage matters depending on what type of jobs you’re wanting to perform. The tougher the food, the faster you need the blades in your processor to spin. If you have to cut and dice through thicker foods, then you need a higher wattage. Softer foods wouldn’t require as high of a wattage. Again, a good middle ground wattage that can handle most practical jobs in your processor bowl is 600.


The Braun Multipractic Food Processor provides you with three settings with which you can operate your product with. These settings are labeled as “low,” “pulse,” and “high.” These settings offer you the type of control in exponentially greater amounts than you would have if you were to use similar appliances without these options.

Hosts on various cooking shows, like the ones you might find on your local channels and the Food Network give all sorts of advice on how you should manipulate these kinds of settings to give you more control over the ingredients your working with in your food.


While Braun provides some of the least noisy products on the market, and that goes for not only their food processors, but their blenders too, the also offer special features on their models that do not make their products any more cumbersome or tedious to deal with. For example, feeders, or feeder tubes, will allow you to feed foods like carrots into the bowl of your processor without the unnecessary hassle of having to dice the carrots yourself. This will not only save you time, but also save you money on the extra equipment you would have needed to perform this extra task.

Other additions on their products include things like the Multipractic food processor kneading attachment (1000 ml), the mixing bowl, the work bowl, and the mixing whisk. In other words, this is your one-stop-shop of a home kitchen appliance if there ever was one.


You can find great deals and promotions for food processors, but you can never really know for sure how effective they will be until you give them a fair try. In the case of the Braun Multipractic Food Processor, you can’t really do much better than it’s high quality shredding/slicing disc parts, and all of the functions and options they bundle together with the model. So, if you’re looking for a sure bet that offers versatile wattage power, optimum control, wonderful convenience, and minimum noise, then the last thing you should do is count this product out.

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